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"MMCA is the best place to send your children to school! I had two children go through MMCA for a total of five years. MMCA has become more like a family to us. Every person at MMCA truly cares about every child and wants them to succeed. MMCA had allowed my children to learn and grow in their own individual ways. The teachers know each child's strengths and weaknesses and work with them accordingly. After graduating kindergarten, both of my children were well above the class average and more than prepared for elementary school. MMCA has given my children a great foundation and love of learning that can't be taught from a textbook, it comes from the true compassion from the teachers. From the moment I met Ms. Jaya, the director, I had such a feeling of ease and knew my children would be in good hands. I only wish MMCA went beyond kindergarten!"

-Michelle C.

"Where do I begin!! MMCA has been such an amazing program for my daughter. Trusting your child with others for the first time and at such a young age is always so difficult. I was at ease knowing my daughter was in good hands at MMCA. The staff at MMCA are so compassionate! They believe in each child's value and uniqueness. I am sad that my child has to transition to another school since her recent kindergarten graduation, but MMCA will always hold a special place in my heart! Our family is forever grateful for being a part of the MMCA family community!! THANK YOU for all you've taught our daughter and for your patience and support!!!!"

-Amy H.

"We are so very fortunate to have our daughter be a part of MMCA. As soon as we met the director, we knew our daughter would be welcomed with open arms in a safe environment full of support and learning. The entire staff at MMCA, from Ms Alex in the office to Ms Stephanie in the primary class, cares so much about the students and it’s apparent with every interaction. We will miss them all greatly but will cherish the experience and memories!"

-Katy G.

"Both of my children attend MMCA and it’s an incredible school with intelligent and caring teachers, a dynamic leader and well rounded parent community."

-Anu P.

"I can't say enough good things about MMCA. 5 stars is not enough. We love every single thing about this school. Miss Jaya and the teachers are so loving and caring.  They are the BEST!"

-Theres L.

"When I was looking for a school for my son, the criteria that mattered to me most were:
1) A reasonable price-quality ratio
2) Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a positive attitude
3) Clean premises and equipment, no unpleasant smells
MMCA was the absolute winner in the area (and I don’t mind a 15-minute drive). We’ve been with the school for 3 years since, and I never regretted my decision.

The teachers, Ms. Jaya and all the staff are doing a wonderful job with the kids. To give you an indication of how caring the environment is – my son had absolutely no transition period. From the very first day he came into the school there were no separation tears, no “I don’t want to go”s, absolutely nothing of that sort. Knowing my child, I was astounded.

MMCA does completely follow the Montessori curriculum. There are no “regular” toys during school hours, and kids work on their developmental assignments (which are often fun). The results are amazing! At the age of 6 my son can do column addition of 2-digit numbers, write spelling tests of 10 words, knows a lot of great things about nature, space, geography. Reading is a point worth mentioning. Not only MMCA taught him to read in English. Their approach of transforming letters into sounds has enabled my son to simultaneously start reading in Russian (we are a bilingual family).

Besides the formal education, MMCA offers a broad variety of additional activities: yoga, music lessons, field trips. Summer camp is available during the school break months. And there’s always time to make friends and have fun as the children grow together.

So if you are looking for a school for your child, do come visit MMCA. I think you’ll like it!"

-Serafima K.

"We are so glad we chose MMCA for our son.  They give each child individual attention and care.  They provide a fun learning environment and encourage independence appropriate for each child's level.  We feel completely comfortable with my son's teachers.  Our son loves going to school here!"  

- Angelo & Jennifer

We are so very fortunate to have our daughter be a part of MMCA. As soon as we met the director, Ms. Jaya, we knew our daughter would be welcomed with open arms in a safe environment full of support and learning. The entire staff at MMCA, from Ms Alex in the office to Ms Stephanie in the primary class, cares so much about the students and it’s apparent with every interaction. We will miss them all greatly but will cherish the experience and memories!

-Katy G.

"I can’t say enough great things about the teachers at MMCA! My son has been going to MMCA for three years and will be graduating from their Kindergarten program this year. He comes home from school so excited to tell us about his day and what he worked on - concurring the tens board, reading “CAT”, to circle time. Everyday something new is happening.

Practical life lessons are an essential at MMCA! I remember when my son first started, after dinner he got up and put his dishes in the sink, threw his napkin away, and washed his hands. Without us asking! Our jaws dropped! Three years later, he continues to apply life lessons at home.

One of my favorite things about MMCA is that they do not standardize children based on age, but by what stage the individual child is at. They encourage children to help each other. My son loves to learn from and teach to his fellow class mates.

I highly recommend this school. Check them out, you’ll be impressed!"

-Lisa B.

"My daughter attended MMCA when it first opened. As all new things, we (I and my wife) were worried if we made the right choice specially that the school is new. But after meeting Miss Jaya and Miss Sue and hearing their plans and ways to teach made us decide to give it try. Once school started and days went by, we discovered that we made the best choice for our daughter. She was excelling academically and building her own independent personality. By age 4, my daughter was already reading. Do I recommend MMCA, let's say, if I have to do it all over again, I wouldn't find a better school for my daughter than MMCA."

-Hadi B.

"Ms. Jaya was our daughter's Montessori primary school teacher for three years. I believe our daughter excels in school because of the patience, gentle demeanor and application of the Montessori method provided by Ms. Jaya.  Our daughter learned to be self-confident, to help her fellow students and retain and excel in everything she was taught. We believe this Montessori foundation will be a main factor in her success as a student for the rest of her life.  Thank you Ms Jaya!  We are indebted to you!"
-Therese C.

"Our daughter Sophia was blessed to spend three and a half years with Ms Jaya at Keystone Montessori in River Forest. Ms Jaya really did become a keystone of her education.  We are immensely grateful of everything Jaya did to help Sophia excel academically and develop a love of learning.  Much more importantly, we will be forever indebted with her for the outstanding job she did at helping her become a confident, respectful and loving child. Not only did Jaya offer her knowledge but also she always went the extra mile to give Sophia her personal support and warm affection. As a Mom, it was a very reassuring to know that she was one of the people who was helping us in this very challenging but wonderful task of raising our child. To this day, her name is frequently part of our conversations and she is really missed."
-Victoria S.

"When we first met Ms. Jaya at the open house for the preschool we were considering for our daughter, we could immediately tell that she was someone who was incredibly passionate about teaching.  Ms. Jaya has a warmth about her that makes her students immediately comfortable and excited about school.  She is a wonderful communicator, both with her students and their eager parents, and provided the best possible introduction to school that we could have hoped for for our daughter.  Allison still asks about Ms. Jaya and has fond memories of the friendships she developed in her class.  We couldn't have wished for a better educational start for our daughter."
-Diana and Rick Ledford

"Jaya was an absolute wonderful teacher for our 2 girls. Montessori obviously provides a different learning environment for children and Jaya provided both strong and nurturing guidance. She was intuitive with the children and supported their natural desire to learn at whatever pace worked for them. We felt as if we could discuss anything and everything regarding our children's development with her and were completely stunned by what our girls learned after being a student in Jaya's classroom.  After our oldest had graduated from the 3-6 program, our youngest began with Jaya.  Everyday our oldest would walk her sister into Jaya's classroom and both of them would begin their day by hugging her.  My girls still talk about Jaya and miss her hugs. Any child will be a very lucky child in Jaya's hands."
-Rachel and Steve Bailey, Chicago IL

"Miss Jaya was the primary school directress for both of my children and they could not have  had a better experience. She understood each of their strengths and weaknesses and worked to ensure that they acquired the confidence and skills they need to excel. Most of all, she helped to instill and reinforce a love of learning in them, which is still going strong today.  We had a wonderful experience with Miss Jaya and our kids remember their time with her fondly."
-Lily M. and Jeff J.

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